Me, myself and AI

Artificial Intelligence
Interview 45 min
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is on the brink of transforming the consumer internet. In the age of AI, the interface between human and machine will change profoundly. In a fireside chat, Nell Watson and Mark Mattingley-Scott will explore what this shift means for business.

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Nell Watson

Nell's career in technology and entrepreneurship stems from a great early-age foundation she got from her engineer dad. By the age of 24, she was already teaching post-grad computer science. Soon afterwards she ventured into entrepreneurship, in various projects and ventures, in pursuit of lasting beneficial impact in the world.

In the process of maturing as an entrepreneur she has drifted into being a sought-after public speaker, facilitating a great many workshops, and delivering digestible yet informative lectures on emerging technologies to diverse audiences internationally.

Her work is regularly covered by Wired, BBC, The Guardian, Forbes, Vice, and others.

Nell has a core belief that technology can (and should) be leveraged to free us from the saddest aspects of the human condition. It is this same wellspring of passion that she seeks to ignite within others.

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Mark Mattingley-Scott

Born 1961 in the UK, grew up in Manchester in the punk era. B.Sc. & Ph.D. at Durham in 1982 & 1985 then worked in electronics research in London for 5 years before moving to Germany in 1989. Midwife to the WWW, eCommerce and general Innovative stuff at IBM since then. Board member of the BITKOM BigData WG, board member of the Institute for New Media. I engage in media and arts and am a passionate bass player. Mostly Hardcore Punk. I taught Cog Sci at the University of Frankfurt, DHBW Mannheim and LMU München. Electronics geek. Obsessive book collector. I build synthesisers.

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