Platform-Driven Success

Workshop 1 h, 30 min
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What does a platform have to do to connect millions of IoT devices? What pitfalls lie waiting in the platform economies? What are the key success factors of digitising a platform?
Join us as we tackle these questions and many more! We share our experiences in platform design and invite you to contribute your questions, ideas and requests to the discussion.

We’ve shrunk our digital platform – and will bring it with us!

Speaker on this track

Heiko Burdack

Heiko is a disruptive thinker with a strong focus on innovation management and agile leadership. He is highly passionate about building digital products, services and business models in an agile way based on customer needs and knowledge of the market. With his extensive experience in telecommunication and IT, Heiko is concentrating on solutions to overcome the obstacles of digitalization in the world. At the moment he is focused on building the Multi IoT Service Platform of Deutsche Telekom in cooperation with Microsoft, General Electric, Cisco and Huawei.

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Gertrud Hierzer

Gertrud joined T-Systems out of the so to called new economy marked in order to breath fresh air into Product Development entities. She is deeply enmeshed in agile mindset, leadership culture and methodologies – in her opinion the precondition and the one and only way to face the high complexity of future Digitization and involved innovation. This in combination with her distinct experience in Telecommunication, Internet Service Providing and Product Development, she is focused on producing flexibly, fast with respect of time to market and efficiently digital products. Currently Gertrud is working on digital products build up as vertical Services based on the Deutsche Telekom newly generated Multi IoT Service Platform.

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Rainer Sträter

Rainer Sträter is Head of Cloud Solutions at 1&1 Internet SE. In this role he is leading the international IaaS technology division as well as the international technology teams at 1&1’s subsidiaries Fasthosts and Arsys. In 2015, he was responsible for 1&1’s successfully launched next generation, global cloud platform.

Rainer Sträter has over 20 years of experience in the hosting business with a strong focus on developing infrastructure solutions. After studying electrical engineering at the University of Dortmund and the grand école ISEN in Lille he started his career in software development of VoIP stacks and represented his company in the standardization bodies as and MSAF. Before joining 1&1 in 2012 Rainer Sträter worked in different positions at, Telefonica O2 and Deutsche Bahn.

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Vicki Loomes

Victoria Loomes is a Senior Trend Analyst and manages TrendWatching's Premium content. She regularly delivers insight-packed presentations and workshops on how to analyse and apply trends. Following six years working as a freelance journalist and copywriter for a range of global brands, Victoria Loomes switched her attention to trends. Now as a Senior Trend Analyst, she is responsible for managing TrendWatching’s Premium content.
Victoria also regularly hosts presentations, workshops and Trend Safaris, teaching brands how to analyse and apply trends. She has delivered sessions globally including for Unilever, Hachette, Marriott Hotels, BNP Paribas and BSkyB.
She regularly writes about consumer trends and innovations and has been quoted in a wide range of publications including The New York Times, The Guardian and The Telegraph.

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Daniel Bröckerhoff

Daniel Bröckerhoff is a freelance journalist and TV/video/event host living in Hamburg and Mainz. Since may 2015 he is hosting the new late news show "heute+", produced by public broadcaster ZDF.

Working with and on the internet since 1998 he is a tech enthusiast and early adopter but also looking at the disruptive developments from a critical point of view.

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