Platform Economy Impact

Workshop 1 h, 15 min
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How multi-sided platform business models disrupt existing markets and impact producer and consumer. Does a digital ego exist in the platform economies? The platform owner controls demand and supply. The consumer loses his freedom of choice. Although that the Algorithm driven and controlled Platforms raising customer expectations in terms of quality and response times, the manufacture gets d

Speaker on this track

Thomas Mierschke

A digital shaped human ego, survived 25 years disraptive technology innovations, with a sceptical outside in view on business transformation.
Thomas Mierschke experienced in his years at Cisco Systems highly disruptive technology and Business Models.
In times where Algorithms and Platform Business is changing everything, they are passionate about the Opportunity but also about the Risks of Digital Transformation.

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Jan Roschek

With prudence and courage, live and create holistic values.

A digital shaped human ego, build with Cisco the infrastructure of the Internet and surfed 25 years successful disruptive technology innovation waves, capturing the opportunities of digital business transformations.

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