Hands-On Product Thinking with the Product Field

Product Design

Product innovation is complex. Simple practices and linear processes don’t do it justice – they regularly lead to false assessments, failure and frustration. Product Thinking is a mindset and methodology that addresses this situation. It treats product innovation as a complex system and aims to maximize its positive impact on all stakeholders. The Product Field helps you with that: It’s a model, a canvas and a toolbox to develop better products and increase your capacity for innovation. In this workshop, you will be introduced to its core ideas and use the Product Field itself to create shared understanding.

You’ll learn how to use the Product Field, to
– navigate the context a product is build and used in
– hone a value proposition
– identify potential for improvement


Speaker on this track

Michael Schieben

Michael is a designer. His craft is programing. He has released a steady stream of innovative and thought-provoking software projects involving such diverse areas of interest as music hacks, data visualization, video manipulation, stage performances and design tools.

Since 2012 Michael is partner at precious design studio. They help innovators to shape meaningful products and services that people love to interact with. precious, in close collaboration with friends and partners, have conceived and crafted several products, such as "Sketch Data Populator" and "Open Color Tools" and organized the world’s first "Designtools Hackday".

Recently, Michael co-developed the Product Field, a cognitive medium for product innovation.

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