Real-time Mobile 3D Scanning

Product Design
In this demo, you will witness a game changer application for retail, health-care and real-estate markets. Think of digital home furnishing! Think of a low-cost yet perfectly fitted clothing available at your fingertips!
The 3DUniversum (3DU) provides low-cost software solutions for real-time 3D mobile scanning and recognition. The software (app) is suitable for different platforms (IOS and Android) can take different (common) depth camera’s including Structure Sensor, Google Tango and Intel RealSense. The innovative technology built in 3DU allows users to scan, view and interact with 3D world objects and scenes around us such as objects (furniture), humans (faces, feet, bodies), and environments (rooms, houses). This creates a universe of possibilities to solve real-world problems with a completely new way of thinking.

Speaker on this track

Sezer Karaoglu

Sezer is CTO and Co-founder of 3DUniversum. Sezer has more than 10 years of experience in the field of Computer Vision and Machine Learning. He holds a double master degree in computer science and is making final preparations for his phd defence on Computer Vision, pursued at University of Amsterdam (under supervision of Prof. dr. Theo Gevers). Following the dreams to turn research into practice, Sezer is passionate about bringing artificial intelligence to consumer daily life.

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