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Purpose to impact

  • #Innovation
  • #Product Design

Designerly ways of aligning your personal and professional purpose towards meaningful impact in a complex world.

Have you ever asked yourself to whom or what you are in service to? Human-centered Design teaches us to unlock value by understanding the underlying needs and goals driving certain user behavior, to find unmet opportunities, and design better solutions. However, we rarely inquire into what drives us, the Designers, and the organizations we work for or within – why is that?

Using a generative framework combining conversation and visualization the workshop participants will work through a sequence of co-creative exercises. In these exercises, participants will learn to surface and capture the underlying drivers that govern their actions, see the interdependencies between those drivers clearly, and use their collective insight to co-create possible ways to (re)align them towards a shared purpose.

Key takeaways:
– Learn about a simple yet powerful framework to assess the forces that govern the personal and professional contexts you are operating in.
– Learn how to create In-service-to Statements using a set of simple co-creative principles and activities you can use individually or with a group.
– Experience the joy of co-creation and reflection with your peers toward mindful alignment of your personal and professional

What exercises will be done?
– Articulate alignment challenges and opportunities for actionable impact (speech-act / visual).
– Articulate an original In-service-to Statement (speech-act / visual) for yourself.
– Articulate a shared In-service-to Statements (speech-act / visual) for your team, organization, or industry.
– Share-back of work and insights within the workshop cohort.

Requirements for attending:
This is a hands-on workshop with individual and group work elements – be ready to be radically open, generative and collaborative!

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