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Sound and vision

Schmidt Theater
  • #VR/AR

Leah Hunter has published two books about Augmented Reality. Come hear about the latest in Augmented Reality, as well as where the space is headed, based on information from Hunter’s latest book. Specifically, Hunter will look at the way the worlds of music and tech are increasingly interwoven.

With increasingly sophisticated projection mapping, virtual “”Tupac at Coachella”” type exhibits, and advancements in computer vision–music and light-focused technology are married in new and exciting ways.

This talk speaks to how those things tie to Augmented Reality, exploring the current state AR, as well as how holograms, haptics, projection mapping, multisensory experiences and soundscapes point to the future of the space.

It is a look at the emerging intersections in music and “sight.”” Or as Bowie called it, Sound and Vision.

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