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St. Pauli film special: Some had crocodiles

1h, 30min

SOME HAD CROCODILES (original title “Manche hatten Krokodile”), a documentary by director Christian Hornung and Tamtam Film, is a portrait of Hamburgs famous and notorious harbour area – or better: a portrait of the people who came to St. Pauli decades ago, hoping to escape the narrow-mindedness of the petite bourgeoisie. They struggled as dancers, strippers, sailors and pimps. Now they turn up at their favorite bars, divey spots in the city’s red light district, reminiscing about gold hunting, sinking ships and contraband crocodiles. And of course the savings clubs, which they continue to be members of to this day, even though they were never the money-saving types. But it gave them a chance to keep a little nest egg safe – primarily from themselves. Through the years the savings clubs became a home. Against the backdrop of a rapid gentrification, their wistful (yet never remorseful) stories shed light on a world-famous district that is bound to disappear forever.

“MANCHE HATTEN KROKODILE”, Documentary, Germany 2016, 87 min
Language: German with English subtitles

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