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Start-ups with a digital fix

Schmidts Tivoli
  • #Blockchain
  • #Innovation
  • #Platforms

What solutions are today’s start-ups working on? What problem are they solving?

In this session new kids on the block tell us what digital fixes they see on the horizon.

Toufic al-Rjoula is the founder of Tykn, which aims to fix the problem of digital identity. Tykn uses distributed ledger technology to build electronic identity, authentication and trust services (eIDAS). To give an example: where is your birth certificate when a hurricane hits your country? Tykn offers resilient identity.

Jaya Baloo is the Chief Information and Security Officer of Dutch telco KPN as well as a co-founder of Openbook, a new social network. Why would we need one? Because we want a place to chat and share things with our friends and family with the confidence that our privacy was respected and protected.

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