Superhero Branding

Branding is evolving, after the 20th century dominated by corporate branding and Lovemarks a new kind of brand has risen: Superhero brands.
Enhanced by a more connected world where individuals have more power to communicate than ever before, the old way to create identities is declining. After studying 250 brands we have the pleasure to share where we are in this new way to create brands shaped for the 21st century.

Speaker on this track

Martin Künzi

Martin Künzi is COO and partner at Enigma. With his experience as a former CMO and his MBA in Marketing, he has dedicated himself to his passion at Enigma — he develops strategies and state-of-the-art branding for clients who not only want to persuade, but also inspire.

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Olivier Kennedy

Olivier Perez Kennedy is Enigma’s founder and CEO. This Paris-trained entrepreneur has had an early interest for new technology that revolutionizes communications. His network of talents gave birth to Enigma in 2008, an advertising agency that offers innovative and bold solutions to its diverse clientele.

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