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Tell me about yourself: six steps for accurate and artful self-definition

  • #New Work
  • #Skill Fix

Tell Me About Yourself reminds emerging artists, creative professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs of the necessity of shaping a world in their vision. Contextualizing it’s larger call to action within today’s ever-precarious socio- political climate, it urges them to actively articulate and own their purpose, mission, and usefulness in the world. Yes, even when it comes to building big business. Based on her book of the same title, Holley will introduce a six step framework for developing compelling, authentic personal and professional introductions that build genuine connection and inspire action.

Key Takeaways
Learn how to:
/ Source internal values to craft an honest, compelling personal narrative
/ Use that narrative to initiate more meaningful conversations, fostering genuine connections and partnerships
/ Cultivate and sustain the confidence to efficiently use these values and connections to propel ideas to action while creating the future

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