The Blockchain Opportunity Today & Tomorrow


Blockchain represents Web 3.0, the next phase of The Web, and will significantly touch all of our lives in the coming years. But its power is as reformative as it is disruptive. Jamie explores how blockchain technology will both reform banking and insurance as well as disrupt the disruptors of Web 2.0. He will give a glimpse into the future at how blockhains will lead to an exponential growth of all other major trends inc. artificial intelligence, internet-of-things, 3D printing providing them with a new infrastructure to scale securely and combine in interesting ways.

Speaker on this track

Jamie Burke

Jamie is one of Europe's leading blockchain investors having founded Outlier Ventures, a blockchain venture builder and fund, in 2014. He is focused on exploring immediate and tangible applications of blockchain technologies to improve market efficiencies but also the future horizon of blockchain enabled convergence in AI, AR / VR, IoT and 3D printing.

He also founded the World's largest blockchain investor network Blockchain Angels accessing a network of over 20,000 professional investors and a corporate venturing platform for the space out of Berlin.

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