The CX-Factor: Unravelling customer experience leadership

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Workshop 1 h, 30 min
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Customer expectations are increasing and crossing sector boundaries. Knowing your customers’ needs is key for differentiation and loyalty for most organizations. Employees need to be empowered, new business models developed and new partnerships forged. But where does CX belong in a company? How do we measure it? And more importantly, what does it take to deliver great customer experience across the entire organization?

Camilla Eckerdal is Head of CX Design at one of the world’s leading Telco’s – Telia and Stefan Moritz is VP Customer Experience at one of the world’s top-ranking design and innovation consultancies – Veryday.

Join Stefan and Camilla as they, together with you, will discuss the key enablers for customer experience leadership. A lot of companies face different and many challenges on a daily basis, be sure to take this opportunity to explore lessons learned and best practices to unravel future customer expectations.

Speaker on this track

Camilla Eckerdal

Camilla has been driving customer experience for many years within different parts of Telia, one of Europe´s leading Telcos. The last three years she has been leading service design projects. Strengthening Telia with service design competence has been one of the success factors in transforming the company into becoming a more customer driven organization.
Today, Camilla is Head of CX Design at Telia, co-creating excellent services and customer experiences, mapping customer journeys and bringing insights to action. Spreading insights, involving and empowering employees are essential in order to create a customer centric culture.
Camilla has an MBA, is highly business oriented and is passionate about truly understanding customers' needs and drivers, supporting future businesses.

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Stefan Moritz

Entrepreneur, corporate change-maker and passionate customer experience champion. Today, Stefan is VP Customer Experience at Veryday, one of the world’s top-ranking design and innovation consultancies. With the worlds first Masters degree in Service Design, contagious energy and 15+ years of international experience he has become a much sought after senior advisor, executive coach and keynote speaker. Stefan has set out to empower organizations, enabling corporate change that will help them exceed the customer expectations of the future. He lives with his wonderful wife and three children in Stockholm, Sweden.

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