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The future of trust

1h, 30min
  • #Fix Digital
  • #New Work
  • #Society

Loss of privacy, fake news, and leaders behaving badly. What is the future of trust? More specifically, what can digital companies do to make that future positive? In this interactive talk, the philosopher and trust expert, Dr. Brennan Jacoby, will lead a deep dive into what is, arguably, the most critical topic of our time. From the nature of trustworthiness to the workings of betrayal, Brennan will unpack trust, explain precisely what goes on when it is broken, and identify steps digital companies can take to care well for trust into an uncertain future.
This is an interactive talk, but rest assured there will be no ‘trust falls’ or role-playing!
Participants will be invited to discuss key questions about the future of trust in the digital space and make contributions to a positive and collaborative discourse.

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