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The Power of Networks

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Towards Gender Equality in the Digital and Music Industry

While male business clubs have existed for centuries, women have only recently begun with establishing their own networks; and more and more men are publicly committing themselves to equality and equal pay. How do those new networks promote the equal (professional) life and what hurdles and role models do they have to overcome? Do separated networks make any sense at all or do they just favour the discrepancy?

In this panel, headed by Jenni Schwanenberg (Innovation Evangelist, mantro), professionals from the digital media and music industry will discuss these questions and other exciting talking points regarding gender equality in different professions. The session was put together by the Digital Media Women Sin To and Tatiana Albrecht.

Speaker on this session

Robert Franken

Digital & Diversity Consultant, Robert Franken Consulting

Katrin Hesse

Musician & Director Strategy and Concept, Clara Bow & HOFFMANN UND CAMPE X

Jenni Schwanenberg

Innovation Evangelist, mantro GmbH