Thu, 5:00 - 6:30 pm

Transformational Products and The Product Field

  • #Innovation Methods
  • #Product Design
  • #Strategy
1 h, 30 min
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“Transformational Products from companies like Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon conquer the everyday life of the users. They successfully penetrate industries such as banking, insurance, telecommunications, retail and the automotive industry. In his introductory talk, Matthias Schrader deciphers the code behind the Transformational Products with which Google & Co. succeed in rebuilding entire markets.

Axel Averdung and Kristina Bonitz will then introduce The Product Field, a comprehensive model and tested toolbox for Product Thinking in groups. As a canvas that highlights products from different points of perspectives, it supports a holistic view on innovation. Successfully implemented in several companies and startup accelerators, it can be used to question, sharpen and redevelop ideas, concepts and business models. It’s a proven tool supporting a user-centric development process in interdisciplinary teams and enabling a product-centric culture.”

(Session will be in German)

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