Thu, 10:30 - 10:55 am

Fireside Chat
Why AI Will Be in Every Digital Product

  • #Artificial Intelligence (AI)
25 min
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In this fireside chat with Lars Trieloff, who is responsible for Adobe’s AI programme Sensei, we discuss some of the challenges and implications that pervasive artificial intelligence brings to product designers, users, and consumers of AI-enhanced digital experiences.

We will discover:
• Why AI will be in every digital product
• Why the best AI is invisible
• Why we can’t help but to anthropomorphize our digital assistants
• Where the uncanny valley lies and how to get out of it
• Why AI product designers fear nothing more than FUD and your gut
• and what it really means that “data is the new oil”

Speaker on this session

Lars Trieloff

Director of Platform Marketing, Adobe