Alexander Baumgardt is a design-centric Management Consultant, Educator, and Coach in service to co-creating a world that works for both people and the planet.

He brings two decades of award-winning global design work and years as a design educator to his management consulting practice. By combining the MBA playbook with human-centered design and co-creation practices, Alexander is helping teams connect powerful insight to actionable impact.

Alexander is proudly serving the next generation of design-centric leaders and practitioners as Senior Adjunct Professor at California College of the Arts in San Francisco since 2013. He is teaching Design Strategy, Systems, Prototyping, Experience Design, and Social Innovation at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

During his tenure at the Stanford born social impact enterprise d.light, Alexander built and led the team that developed the world’s most affordable high-quality solar-powered light in 2015, awarded by President Obama for its essential impact.

Alexander’s Sessions

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