Alyssa Jade McDonald is the founding MD of Blyss. The name Blyss comes from the English word „bliss“, which literally describes a state of profound happiness and joy. Alyssa felt the fusion of bliss and her own name, Lyss, was a commitment to bringing joy into the world via a consciously-indulgent gourmet experience and evolving business methods to bring all communities forward together.

After years of corporate life which had shattered her health, Lyss began looking for the best solutions for her stomach, environment, and community. After completing Ironman world championships she threw a handful of naked cacao beans into the ocean off Kona and promised freedom to chocolate. In awe of the intense properties of cacao, she was determined to bring chocolate back to being the food of gods, and find a way to protect it.

Three years of research and trial and error sessions in the kitchen eventually led to the science of turning cacao into high quality chocolate through the virgin process. She then went to Ecuador for a year to learn directly from generations of cacao experts from the Andean peaks to the dense Amazon. Facing guns and snakes, she befriended shamans and elders who shared their secrets of how to love the earth, while benefiting from her fruits, and sharing the bounty. Blyss single bean virgin chocolate evolved from these years of learning.

With the whole world to choose from, she returned to Germany to work with a skilled and inspired team based in six different countries, all working together to bring Blyss to market. Today, Lyss is a digital native finding home on a yoga mat or next to a painting canvas in Frankfurt, Geneva, Guayaquil or Sydney.