Amanda Rose, Founder of Connect the Dots Foundation, is a free agent, an entrepreneur, communicator, events manager, digital strategist and advisor.
Connect the Dots Foundation was established in 2009 to incubate and craft fresh global campaigns and initiatives that use technology to connect people offline for a good cause.  

Inspired by the shift towards social networks Amanda decided to complete a Masters in Communications Management in 2007 and spent a year researching a newly forming communications platform called Twitter. This offered unique insight as the global founder and architect of a movement called Twestival, an international volunteer effort to use social media like Twitter to raise money for important causes. Twestival has been able to build 55 wells with charity: water and recent efforts with Concern Worldwide will give thousands of students the chance at an education.  

Advising technology startups and those with a social good focus keep her energized. She is passionate about developing unique digital and creative strategies for brands and organizations looking to take the next step.