Andreas Freitag is Managing Director at Jung von Matt/Spree. When he joined Jung von Matt in 2008 he already looked back on a 10-year digital agency career, most recently at Neue Digitale Berlin. He left the purely digital realm and accepted the challenge to truly integrate creative excellence and digital thinking at Jung von Matt where he is working with clients like DHL, Euronics, Sparkasse, Mercedes or Nikon. His agency won the European lead account for Nikon in September with a brand communication platform that shows no preference for any particular channel but is based on a strong idea that allows for creative excellence in advertising, social media, at the point of sale or even at trade fairs.

Andreas Freitag is a firm believer in the game changing power of digital innovation. At the same time he is often wondering why everybody seems to be talking about the agency of the future while there is so much to do for the agencies of today. For him, leading major brands and clients into the digital future is as much about people and their stories as it is about technology.