Andres Fontao is currently Head of Mobile Banking for Bankinter, a position he has held since 2007. He initially joined Bankinter to help launch the bank's own MVNO and in 2008 Fontao assumed responsibility of mobile strategy, defining the bank's strategic plan for mobile banking. As Head of Mobile Banking, he is responsible for product development and management of mobile banking services, definition and implementation of m-banking strategy, launch of new mobile services and applications, and definition of marketing mix for channel adoption and usage.

Andres Fontao, US citizen currently residing in Madrid, holds a BA in International Politics & Economics from Middlebury College and an MBA from Instituto de Empresa in Madrid. He began his professional career in Mexico where he held various positions for media giant TV Azteca and mobile start-up Unefon. After receiving his MBA, Fontao joined Valoris, a management consultancy specialized in mobile telecommunications. While at Valoris, he advised mobile operators throughout Europe helping define product and service offerings and participating in mobile operator launches in Belgium, Germany and Spain.