At the age of 5, young Andrew Zolty hacked his walkie-talkies together with an RC car creating a mobile way to catch people off guard. In 2010, he co-founded the physical-digital agency Breakfast and continues creating custom creative-tech, this time for some of the largest brands in the world.

Most recently, Andrew lead in the production of Yes, I am Precious – a bike outfitted with a custom brain letting it share its thoughts and feelings to benefit the Lance Armstrong foundation Livestrong, and Conan O'Brien's Foursquare-ing Blimp.

Prior to Breakfast, Andrew hustled himself through the industry working at (and sometimes helping to start) over 15 different digital agencies, and working with over 60 different brands. His most recent stationing was at Poke London where he helped to create a hologram concert tour for Orange, as well as BakerTweet – the bakery-proof box that tweets when fresh delights have just popped out of the oven.