I'm spending my last weeks as employee. Starting 12th April, I will fully dedicate myself to Rate My Speech.

During college (which I didn't finish), I volunteered 5 years for a student NGO (IAESTE) where I was responsible for fundraising.

Since 2009 I was a Team Leader, Project MAnager at IBM, and now at Citibank.

In 2013 I got to know the Budapest startup community, and I decided to start my own startup. After some failed attempts, I finally found an idea that combines my passion with an executable business and product plan.

I'm an active Toastmaster, and I find it really important to develop my public speaking skills. I also want to help others to do the same.

As founder of Rate My Speech, I want to build a scalable and affordable solution that leverages the potential of online communities. I believe, that with this solution we can help millions of people improve their storytelling skills.

This is why I would like to present my idea to the World.