Babusi Nyoni is a Zimbabwean creative technologist, social entrepreneur, and innovator whose work transcends traditional boundaries, leveraging technology to address complex social issues across Africa and beyond. His projects over the years highlight his commitment to utilising emerging technologies for societal benefit, with a particular focus on healthcare, digital accessibility, and community empowerment.

Babusi Nyoni's work in the digital realm showcases his innovative approach to technology, with significant projects like the "African Metaverse Framework," aimed at making digital spaces accessible to African communities. His creativity extends to healthcare through Patana AI, an app repurposed from his entertainment-focused Vosho Fo'sho dance app, to aid in early Parkinson's disease diagnosis by analysing movement patterns using computer vision. Through this work, Nyoni adeptly bridges the gap between technology and tangible societal impact, reflecting his visionary use of digital tools for the greater good.

Nyoni's career underscores his belief in the power of self-education and the potential for technology to drive significant social change. His work is a testament to the possibilities that arise when technology is applied with empathy and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by underrepresented communities.