Benoît is an editorial strategist, consultant and entrepreneur. In 2007 he launched the successful participative media experiment, Le Post, in conjunction with Le Monde. Two years after its launch, Le Post joined 3.2m monthly unique visitors and had a team of 12 people. In 2011 Benoît led the digital strategy of the Nouvel Observateur Group. While there, he launched the participative platform, Le Plus, which had 1.6m unique visitors and which increased traffic to Nouvel Observateur sites by more than 70%. In 2012, Benoît launced Le Lab, a publication with deep social media integration, with Europe 1. Four months after its launch, Le Lab claimed 600k uniques and 13% of Europe 1’s audience came from Twitter, 10x the national average. In March 2012, Benoît launched the first iPad application of AFP and Radio France dedicated to the French elections. At the end of 2012, Benoît launched Trendsboard with co-founder and semantic algorithm genius, Jean Veronis. The company worked with 15 of France’s largest media houses to test the Alpha version and raised €500k in January 2013 to develop the business.