Burckhardt has been a serial entreprenuer in Berlin for over 20 years. He founded 4 successful start-ups himself, the largest one with a profitable turnover of over €600 million. He actively invests into early stage high-tech start-ups as a business angel and into renewable energy projects.

Burckhardt’s passion lies in developing future entrepreneurs and creating game changing companies with a lasting impact. Burckhardt has spoken at the World Economic Forum, the European Broadcaster’s Union, and served as an assistant lecturer at Stanford University. He was also elected President of the Academic Commission at the “Pan European Start-Up Summit” at MIT and Harvard.

Entrepreneurial background
■UniEvent (Founder & CEO)
■Novedia AG (Founder & CEO)
■MeOme (Founder & CEO)
■MyBet.com (Founder & CEO)
■Smeet (Founder)