Thor Diogo Hagedorn (He/Him, born 1981 in Bremen) is a rapper, singer, producer, DJ, event manager, mentor and visual artist. Hip-hop, graffiti, capoeira and the traditional tropical and urban sounds of Brazil are at the center of his artistic career. Thor started his musical career as a self-taught artist already at the end of the 90s and collaborated with national and international artists* over the coming years.

Since 2017, he has been a producer and performer in the Tropical Bass band La Byle, focusing on the equality of disadvantaged groups in their line-ups, the music productions and the creation of La Byle events. In 2021, he co-founded IRL and meta event company Diasporic Arts Alliance (DAA) with community manager Christine Seraphin and sustainability specialist Kai-Ti Wu. In cooperation with Granola Studios and their metaverse platform Yabal, they are currently developing different concepts of digital and hybrid events. With W3b Lab Berlin, DAA is also part of the globally thriving W3eb Lab community since this year.