Claudia is an experienced achiever in the corporate world, embodying an impressive legacy of leadership and strategic acumen. Serving as the Managing Director and the guiding force behind the marketing function at Accenture Song, her illustrious career, spanning over two decades, has established her as a well-recognized figure in the industry.

During her decade-long tenure as the Managing Director for the DACH region at Dentsu International, Claudia not only demonstrated exceptional leadership but also secured a coveted position on the Dentsu Executive Committee. Her international experience encompassed a wide range of strategic initiatives, solidifying her expertise in areas such as marketing transformation, digital evolution, business strategy, and consulting in the fields of strategy, communications, and creative work.

She stands as a true role model in the realm of leadership, both within and outside the organization. Renowned for her captivating public speaking abilities, she is a distinguished keynote speaker at various industry events and conferences, leaving a lasting impression with her narratives, insights, and vision. Furthermore, she consistently contributes to thought leadership by sharing her expertise on innovation, intelligence, and transformation in both specialized trade publications and mainstream newspapers.

Claudia's insights and vision serve as a dependable and unwavering guide through the constantly shifting landscape where creativity, strategy, and emerging technologies converge. Her capacity to connect the dots across diverse domains of creative work and creative strategy adds a unique and compelling dimension to her expertise, positioning her as a thought leader who offers a fresh perspective on topics such as generative AI.