“Dual-media television journalist” Daniel Budiman, born on 25 May 1983 in Flensburg, is one of the five founders of Rocket Beans Entertainment GmbH. Following his training with NBC GIGA, he and Simon Krätschmer jointly conceived and produced the Grimme Award-nominated TV magazine “Game One”, as well as the gameone.de website, which received a Grimme Online Award.

In addition to his extensive work on RocketbeansTV, the first independent web-TV programmer, as well as appearances as a conference moderator, he serves as a consultant on the issues of games, transmedia knowledge transfer, and digital culture. In addition, Budiman acts in an advisory function for numerous projects, and has served as a juror for a number of media-industry awards. Budiman is deeply involved with computer and video games, and has sought with his work to communicate the fascination underlying the games medium to a broader public. He is married with three children.