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Daniel Rettig graduated from the School of Journalism in Cologne and majored in economics at the University of Cologne. As a student, he was an intern at "Der Spiegel" and "WirtschaftsWoche". In July 2008, he began working at the WirtschaftsWoche as an editor in the Management & Success department and became the head of the department in 2016. Since May 2019, he has been the Chief Editor of ada. He has also written four books: "Ich denke, also spinn ich" (2011), "Die guten alten Zeiten" (2013), "Serendipity: 77 zufällige Entdeckungen, die Geschichte schrieben" (2018) and „Warum Perfektion sinnlos und an jedem Gerücht was dran ist“ (2019).

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