Daniel Rettig is a seasoned journalist and accomplished author with a strong background in economics and journalism. A graduate of the School of Journalism in Cologne, he further honed his skills by majoring in economics at the University of Cologne. During his academic journey, Daniel gained valuable industry insights as an intern at prestigious publications such as "Der Spiegel" and "WirtschaftsWoche."

In July 2008, Daniel joined WirtschaftsWoche, where he served as an editor in the Management & Success department. His dedication and expertise led him to ascend to the position of department head in 2016. Demonstrating his versatile talent, from 2019 to 2021, Daniel assumed the role of Chief Editor at ada, showcasing his leadership in steering editorial teams.

Apart from his editorial achievements, Daniel Rettig is a prolific author, having penned four insightful books. His literary contributions include "Ich denke, also spinn ich" (2011), "Die guten alten Zeiten" (2013), "Serendipity: 77 zufällige Entdeckungen, die Geschichte schrieben" (2018), and "Warum Perfektion sinnlos und an jedem Gerücht was dran ist" (2019). Daniel's written works reflect his deep understanding of diverse topics, blending intellectual curiosity with engaging storytelling.