In love with creativity and technology, I moved to California after finishing my Masters in Organizational Psychology (Germany) and worked as a consultant in the LA creative industry (BMW Designworks USA). Inspired and hungry for more knowledge about how creativity really evolves under the pressure of business environments I worked as a business consultant in Hamburg (OCC Strategy Consulting) for various clients, such as Otto Group and E-Plus. Puzzled by what makes people creative in some cases and dysfunctional in others when under pressure I pursued my PhD in Management (Groningen, Niederlande) when I had the idea for citibuddies. I am a glomad, born in Russia, grew up in Germany and lived in LA, Hamburg, Bejing and now in Buenos Aires and believe that our product can address the majority of issues when moving around different cities. A phenomenon that more and more people will face in the times of growing mobility and globalized economies.