Elisabeth is an independent media and business consultant based in Berlin and Munich. She promotes worldwide creative and entrepreneurial potential by initiating platforms and advising companies in their business development. She has a background in International Culture & Business Studies as well as Media Management and founded her first company, an international trade consultancy, in 1996. Her focus in PR & Marketing as well as Innovation Management has been varied ranging from Startups to Investment Banking. She has also dedicated some years to her passion as a film director of science documentaries for German public broadcasting.

Since 1999, Elisabeth has incubated a range of international conferences such as for Art Directors Club, German Publisher’s Association, Einstein Foundation, Otto Bock Healthcare or Frankfurter Buchmesse as well as curating and moderating for Apple, Ars Electronica, DMEXCO, Vision Summit, NEXT Conference, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, unDavos, the WEF YGL Community, Sonophilia, Karajan Music Tech Conference and many others.

In 2010, Elisabeth initiated www.99Faces.tv, a video platform featuring interviews with the most fascinating faces she met during her involvements and even when visiting Iceland or living in a Tibetan community in Himalaya.

Elisabeth is in the founding team of the World Human Forum which had its first annual assembly in March 2017 in the historical site of Delphi, Greece.