Euro Beinat holds an MSc in Computer Science and Systems Engineering and a PhD in Economics. He has 20 years of experience in management, consulting and R&D. At present he is Professor of “Geoinformatics, Location and Context Awareness” at Salzburg University (Austria) and Chairman of the Currentcity foundation (Amsterdam, Netherlands). His business affiliation is with Zebra Technologies Corporation (Chicago, US), as Vice President Location Solutions. His home base is Amsterdam, Netherlands.

As Academic, Euro is part of the leadership team of the Geoinformatics PhD School in Salzburg and oversees research on the Internet of Things, Collective Sensing and Sensor Analytics. As responsible for Location Solutions at Zebra Technologies, he designs the global strategies for Location and Context aware solutions, in particular for the process industry.

Euro is a regular speaker at scientific, media and business conferences and has published several papers and books in topics ranging from strategy making, sensor technology and natural resource management.

He coined the term ""Collective Sensing"" for describing the growing science and practice of measuring and predicting the dynamics of large complex systems, such as cities, based on aggregating anonymous digital breadcrumbs continuously left by all of us during daily personal or business activities.