Garrett M. Graff is the editor of The Washingtonian, a monthly magazine distributed in the Washington, DC area. Garrett is widely recognized as a leading expert on technology and politics. He has been named by PR Week as one of four “new media” journalists to watch and one of ten “rising stars” by the magazine industry trade magazine, Folio.

Garrett teaches internet and social media at Georgetown University. He served as deputy national press secretary on Howard Dean’s presidential campaign and, beginning in 1997, was then-Governor Dean's first webmaster. As the first blogger admitted to cover a White House press briefing in 2005, he is a frequent speaker on blogging and the intersection of politics and technology.

Garrett is the author of two books – “The First Campaign: Globalization, the Web, and the Race for the White House” (FSG, 2007), which examined the role of technology in the 2008 presidential race, and “The Threat Matrix: The FBI at War in the Age of Global Terror” (Little, Brown, 2011) which traced the history of the FBI’s counterterrorism program.