„Shaping the world of work.” With that vision in mind, Gunnar Berning founded twago (teamwork across global offices) together with Maria Lindinger and Thomas Jajeh in 2009. Before he became CEO of twago, the passionate marathon runner worked as sports photographer with Getty Images (attending the Olympic Games in Atlanta 1996 & Sydney 2000, EURO 1996). After his studies, Gunnar, a father of two kids, joined Bertelsmann AG and worked for Lycos Europe as a product manager being responsible to set up the Finance Channel. His first major international assignment at Lycos was to assist with the company’s IPO in Boston. Afterwards he moved on to Bangalore, India, to plan and implement an outsourcing project for Lycos Europe. At this time, Gunnar developed his first ideas regarding an online work platform that is focused on small and medium sized companies. Before the idea finally had been converted into twago, Gunnar gathered some more experience with Siemens Management Consultancy (SMC). He worked for SMC until 2008 being responsible for different projects in Singapore, Tel Aviv, or Helsinki with the billion dollars PMI of Siemens and Nokia. Being always the visionary, Gunnar decided against a top management career with Siemens and finally founded twago.