Heiko Hubertz is the founder and managing director of the Hamburg-based Bigpoint GmbH and San Francisco-based Bigpoint Inc. Founded in 2002 in Düsseldorf, Bigpoint has become the world’s largest portal for browser games and ranks among the top three gaming portals worldwide. Hubertz started Bigpoint GmbH by developing the first game, Hockey Manager, himself. Since its founding, Bigpoint has expanded to 700 employees from 35 nations who utilize cutting-edge technology to develop and operate a diverse range of browser-based games that are enjoyed worldwide by well over 200 million registered players and growing.
Bigpoint’s rapid expansion stems from many technological innovations, a unique willingness to experiment with new business models, and the passion to lead the widely- popular browser games segment. Hubertz’s goal is for browser games to compete against the quality and depth that has previously only been attainable through console or PC-installed games.
Prior to founding Bigpoint, Hubertz leveraged new technology to pioneer new services in Europe. As the Managing Director of AASP GmbH, he created the first telephone payment system. With the merger of AASP with eops AG