For most of the European fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs, Henrik von Scheel is a synonym for a visionary, game changer, and a challenger striving to defy outmoded business models and design tomorrow’s business.

A new breed of European Leader, that is able to transform companies’ business models with his unique blend of proven business track record, trend-spotting and new paradigm of strategic thinking.

He believes, that the ability to adopt new business model is the key competitive differentiation and the cornerstone for innovation. Today business models are changing as a rate never seen before and countless innovative business models are emerging. Entirely new industries are forming as old one crumble. Upstarts are challenging the old guard, some of whom are struggling feverishly to reinvent themselves.

He is always one step ahead on the understanding, design, and implementation of new business model or analyze and renovate an old one.

With his thinking he has transformed eCommerce, BPM and Social Media Intelligence arena.

Professionally, he services on the Board of Advisor at Google Inc, Ethority, Collax and Capital Investment Partners.