Hermione Way is a journalist and new media entrepreneur.

While graduating as a journalist, Hermione started her first venture, Newspepper.com. Newspepper began essentially as a “citizen journalism” video production company with one key difference; it employed student and graduate filmmakers and journalists enabling them to get much-needed paid vocational media work experience. Having had substantial experience of working for media organisations whilst at University, Hermione opted to seek to take the Newspepper concept and turn it into a profitable business model, whilst ensuring it remained true to the founding principle of providing vocational training. Newspepper has built up an impressive client base which includes the BBC, Channel 4, BT and a number of government departments.

Hermione not only runs her own production company, but has also established herself as an online journalist in her own right. Her latest venture, Techfluff.tv, is an online video channel which reports on European Internet culture in a light-hearted irreverent manner. The channel, which has Hermione as its anchor presenter, uses a team of local correspondents from across Europe and reports on technology and social media developments. In addition to its remit of providing news, it also has an entrepreneurial focus and includes an opportunity for entrepreneurs to present their ideas to investors in a regular online “elevator pitch” feature.

In addition to her business activities, Hermione is active in promoting entrepreneurship and encouraging more women to become involved in technology. In a very short space of time she has become a leading figure in new media and internet startups in London and globally. In addition to her wide-ranging online broadcasting activities where she regularly produces content on a range of issues, she regularly appears on Sky News as an internet commentator. Hermione has just moved from London to San Francisco.