Hodg Hodgson currently is head of public relations at living EQUIA, a Berlin-based collaborative research initiative on solar architecture. A team of 40+ students is building a house, which provides more energy than it's inhabitants consume. This showcases how decentralized renewable energy and solar architecture can be pieces in the puzzle of solutions to the current environmental, societal, and technological challenges. living EQUIA is also one of the contestants at the Solar Decathlon Europe, taking place for the first time in Madrid in June 2010 as a spin-off of the renown biannual Solar Decathlon in Washington DC. Keep your fingers crossed for the Berlin Team!

Hodgson grew up in Hamburg, Germany, before studying and working in half a dozen countries in Europe and the Americas. A cultural scientist by training, he has done everything from event management to teaching, from mediation to music, and from regional development to consultancy. As head of the student council at the European University Viadrina, he was one of the precursors of cross-border public transport in Frankurt/Oder and Slubice. He has been active in promoting renewable energy and sustainable development for more than ten years now.