Isabelle M. Conner is responsible for all aspects of Generali's marketing including Customer & Distribution Experience, Digital Transformation and the Brand globally.

She’s a member of Generali's Group Management Committee and sits on the Board of Generali Deutschland.

Previously, Isabelle ran Global Marketing at Zurich Insurance Group (2011) and ING (2004).

Before moving to Europe, Isabelle led Marketing at several leading global financial institutions in New York, including Deutsche Bank (1998), Weiss, Peck & Greer (1996), and Prudential Securities (1989).

She began her career as a financial reporter in Paris. She moved to NY where she spent several years in sales convincing brokers (6,000 brokers across 8 states) to buy retirement products. This experience was absolutely transformational.

Isabelle’s obsession is on new business, sales and revenues. Her career is based on one fundamental principle: “Nothing happens until someone sells something.” Everything Isabelle does is based on driving Preference to the brands she represents.

Isabelle holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs with a minor in Economics.