Jens Büscher starts his business as employee in a German administration. He recognizes the needs of managing paper files, digital files and mails. With his ideas to solve these problems, he started as programmer at the WCMS Vendor RedDot Solution AG in Germany. Within 3 years he became the leading product manager to design the famous RedDot WCMS. With the vision to create an optimized enterprise content management (ECM) solution for the small and medium size business, he build up his first own company, DocuPortal. Without any money, he started the company and it became a major part on the German market with hundreds of business customers. With the knowledge of seven years in the ECM market in the small and medium size business, he again started a new company without any invests: amagno. The magnetic document management with his “digital magnets” is now the current innovation in this strong and old fashioned market. Within two years, amagno has 4.500 users on the cloud platform; they like to organize content in a new different way like before. Jens Büscher never lost the vision to empower the companies to use a paperless office and work faster in the digital decade.