Jochen Adler, 35, joined Deutsche Bank in 2007, where he now serves as a Business Analyst for the Private and Business Customers franchise. His current project lays the groundwork for a new generation of applications in branches across Germany.

Jochen started his career as a freelancer while finishing school in the early 1990s, writing games and desktop application software, and composing scenic music for video and stage productions. In software engineering, IT/management consulting and project leadership positions, Jochen contributed to market launches of standard software products as well as to one-off projects introducing software platforms – often focusing on customer-facing sales, relationship and service channels – into large-scale organizations in Germany, Europe and the U.S.

A whole-hearted team player, he has had a watchful eye on collaboration solutions, open source software, communities, and social networks long before they became mainstream. Among many other things, he is passionate about getting things done effectively, social software, and using social software to get things done effectively.