We will be 2 speakers.

Josef Dunne - Co-Founder
Josef (28) is from London, England but lives in various countries, currently he resides in London, England. A self-taught developer, he developed his first website in 1996 and took his first Junior Web Developer job in 1997. Since then he has created, grown, and nurtured numerous rich online communities.

He is a keen explorer, has trekked through the Malaysian Borneo Jungle, sleeping in hammocks on the way. He was there with a Raleigh International team helping the remote rainforest communities improve their literacy levels.

He specialises in creating great user experiences and believes the web should be accessible for all.


Mayel de Borniol - Co-Founder
Mayel is originally from France but often living in different countries, most recently in Chile. At 26, he's already co-founded 3 startups (Podemus, a podcasting platform ; LeLab.TV, an online TV ; and ANETech Labs, a web/app agency).

He is avidly curious and always learning, with a keen interest in things related to technology, media, and society, and especially how they all interact and shape our future.