Julia Leihener is Service Designer and founding member of the Creation Center of Telekom's Innovation Laboratories in Berlin. Originally trained as a product & process designer, Julia Leihener has been active in the development of consumer oriented future visions for the digital communication industry for more than 7 years. Exploring and interpreting the impact of new technology on society in academic (University of the Arts, Berlin/ Royal College of Arts, London) as well as in industrial context (Product Visionaires – Siemens BenQ Mobile, Berlin/ currently at Creation Center, Deutsche Telekom Innovation Laboratories, Berlin) is her focus. Design research methods, idea creation for innovative service and product concepts, critical design & communication strategies are part of her daily work. Lately she has been project manager of the service design research project about the do's and don'ts of interacting with new media ‚eEtiquette – 101 guidelines of the digital world'. Since 2010 she is also teaching at the School of Design Thinking at the HPI in Potsdam.