Justina Rokita is an experienced strategic and modern Senior Executive with over 18 years of professional experience, successfully operating in various international environments in roles such as strategic brand management, marketing (analog & digital), global product creation, and e-commerce. She is characterized by profound know-how and many years of sustainability expertise.

Known for her proven track record in delivering positive results, achieving fast turnarounds, and transforming brands, particularly in premium fields/markets, Justina Rokita serves as a dynamic and influential business leader with a global perspective. Her strong passion lies in brand development, marketing, and delivering excellent products.

A visionary with a creative and analytical mindset, she adheres to the strict principle that "Purpose drives Performance." Justina Rokita's leadership style is marked by high teamwork skills and a commitment to strong empowerment. She is recognized for building and leading top-performing teams and fostering an innovative, open culture.