Konstantin Guericke is an entrepreneur who was most recently CEO of jaxtr, a social communications start-up with over 10 million registered users that was purchased by SabSe Technologies in June 2009. Before jaxtr, he co-founded LinkedIn, which with over 15 Million European members is Europe's largest business network. At LinkedIn, Guericke led the company's marketing activities from launch to profitability.

Prior to LinkedIn, Konstantin Guericke served as vice president of marketing at Presenter.com and as vice president of sales and marketing for Black Sun Interactive, a pioneer in 3-D social software at the dawn of the web. He graduated from Stanford University with a B.S. and M.S. in engineering. Guericke is a German native and has lived, studied and worked in Asia as well as the United States and Germany. To learn more about his background, view his profile at LinkedIn.