Laëtitia Vitaud is an Author and Speaker on the future of work. Her 2019 book, Du Labeur à l’ouvrage. Craftsmanship is the future of work, offers a fundamental reflection on the transformations of work in the digital age, and on the lures of ubiquity that promised us the digital revolution.

With the rise of digital tools, work was supposed to be free of all geographical constraints, and yet … Today, work and its value have never been more determined by the geography, the local, the very concrete networks in which it is anchored. The image of the developer reinventing the Net, alone, on a heavenly sunny place and at the same time connected to the whole world, is far removed from reality.

Laëtitia Vitaud will dive deep into the paradoxes of our modernity, from the injunctions to be present everywhere at all times, to not miss anything, to the need to focus on a place and a particular time, and do well. Actually, not just well, but better!