I am a former banker from Deutsche Bank. In the past I’ve been working both in investment banking and management consulting. During my projects in asset management and retail banking, I experienced first hand how products and services of established banks do not serve clients in their best interest. On the other hand I’ve seen that retail clients in Germany and continental Europe are often poorly invested with their money and are in strong need for some good investment advice.
My goal was to create a financial advisor who is independent, trustworthy and cost-efficient. As a strong promoter of high-technology solutions, I had no doubt that such a financial advisor would have to be a digital one.
I therefore partnered with my co-founders Raphael (Former Strategy Consultant) and Ulrich (Former Financial Advisor) to create Ginmon.de, a business model now commonly known as "robo-advisor“. We thereby created a cost-efficient and easy to use online platform that substitutes traditional bank advisors in Germany and continental Europe. We are currently working hard to grow our business to the leading robo-advisor in continental Europe.