Lionel is an expert in Funding & Risk Management. He has extensive experience in translating strategies into successful financial operations for financial institutions and corporate clients.

Lionel has extensively researched the growing peer-to-peer finance and crowdfunding sector since 2003. He is a renowned expert in peer to peer finance & online microfinance and has trained finance professionals groups and bankers on the operational processes involved in online investment.

He has launched the XBRL common standards for open funding in May 2011 and is facilitating market players interactions in the field of peer-to-peer finance.

He gives inspirational presentations, workshops and trainings about crowdfunding at events around Europe.

He has more than 7 years experience in Finance Strategy consulting, and has worked for companies such as Oliver Wyman & Co. Prior to consulting, he was a risk analyst for a large Benelux based investment bank and was part of the tea